A colonial past, deep blue sea, mangroves, lagoons and the Virgin Islands, no one has a reason to not visit Andaman and Nicobar islands. It is literally, the ‘tropical paradise’. Always wanted to go and still confused with your travel plans?  Well, we at dreamplore are here to help.

The internet is messy with lots of details on what to do? What to take along with you? Where and all to go? Here is a one-stop-shop where you get everything you need to know. Here we present you with a simple guideline to make your trip memorable and enjoyable.

How to make your trip enjoyable then?

Here are a few tourist packages that can make your journey comfortable and cosy…

Package tour:

Package tour reduces your head-ache by providing you with facilitators who can plan your trip for you. The service provider can serve you with different packages that can offer different functions. The services include your transportation, booking your tickets, accommodation, places to visit among others. So what should you do to get an Andaman tour package? Find a third party which provide the service, choose a package which suits your needs and budget and pays the tourism company.

  • Self-planned trip:

In a self-planned trip, the risk is all yours. Thanks to the internet, data about the places you want to visit is on your doorstep. All you have to do is visit a trusted website, chart out your trip and then just travel.

People travel to satisfy different needs and travelling for each serves a different purpose. Some like to make it more comfortable, hence opt for packages; while some others would want to do everything from  A to Z themselves. It’s completely your choice whether to go for an Andaman tourist package or plan your trip on your own. End of the day, to each his own.

  • Budget

Another question that might be bothering you is the budget. How much would an Andaman tour package cost like? Well, this depends on various factors like the duration you are planning to spend in the islands, the kinds of activities that you might want to do, how many places you are planning to visit, and a lot of others.

If you google for budget Andaman and Nicobar packages, you can come across packages that are as low as 5000 bucks and might also see packages worth a lakh and more. The idea is to not go for really cheap services as your experience and service might be less than good. Hence, while planning on has to take care of a lot of things.

  • Booking Tickets

How to reach this beautiful island located in the middle of turquoise blue waters? might be another question that might be pestering you. Again it depends on your preference. If you have ample time say 3 to 4 days, you can go for a ship or if you have less time with you, then one can book a flight ticket.

There are ships from both Calcutta and Chennai. Thus, one will have to first reach either of these cities before you begin your voyage to the island. Flight tickets might be a bit expensive. Hence one has to plan the trip a bit earlier and look out for discounts in ticket charge. And book according to your convenience.

You also have options now to book Andaman packages from Kolkata, Chennai or Bangalore.

  • How many days one would need to explore Andaman and Nicobar?

For a tourist who is visiting Andaman for the first time, we suggest you spend at least one week in the islands. Whether you are alone, or if you are in an Andaman honeymoon package or if you are with family, seven days seems to us like an ideal duration to explore this place.

Remember, Andaman is not just about passive travelling where you go to places, but awaiting you is a lot of fun activities like maybe a scuba diving or souvenir shopping.

How to plan a 7-day trip?

Still confused on how to divide your time? Well, we are here to sort it out for you. We are charting here a plan with major places to visit. Here is your itinerary:

  • Port Blair (2 days)

Port Blair is your gateway to Andaman. You can always start from here and opt for ferry services to visit nearby islands. One of the major attractions of Port Blair is the cellular jail or Kalapani, which bears the memories of a deep colonial past. The place is closed on Monday and public holidays, so plan accordingly.

Rose Island ( closed on Wednesday), is an abandoned island with lush green forest and known for its scenic beauty. It used to be a busy town during the British days, but all that remains of the gone days are the antiquated remnants of buildings.

Baratang Island ( Monday close), Jolly Buoy Island ( Monday closed), Chidiya Tapu, North Bay Island are other places of interest in Port Blair.

The water sports complex in Port Blair would be of interest to tourists who love water sports. Skiing, Kayaking, Paddle Boating, Banana Boat rides, Rowing, Para-Sailing are some of the services offered by this complex. They facilitate an adventurous experience simultaneously taking care of your safety.

  • 2. Havelock Island( 2 days)

Was Snorkeling and Scuba Diving the sole reason that you visited Andaman? If yes, then you shouldn’t miss the Havelock islands.

Havelock also has two famous beaches called the elephant beach which is famous for snorkelling and Asia’s sixth-largest beach called Radhanagar. The beaches are not just famous for water sports but the picturesque views of sunrise and sunset that it offers.

  • 3. Diglipur (2 days)

A pollution free exotic town, this is an abode for nature lovers. The place is also famous for rare, endemic Olive Ridley turtles. Other activities of interests are Coral Safari, trekking through caves, glass Boat Ride, sea walking and kayaking.

Ross & Smith Islands, Ramnagar Beach, and Pathi Level Beach are located on this island.

  • 4. Neil Island (1 day)

Neil island has in it three beaches with pristine white sand-  Bharatpur beach, Sitapur beach and the Lakshmanpur beach. It also has a natural bridge. Tourists can also enjoy adventurous sports like trekking.

This tropical exotic island is neither too hot, nor too cold. This makes it an ideal place to visit throughout the year. Summer starts from January and goes on till April and it rains from May to December.

5 major weather patterns have been recorded in Andaman so far. Annually it rains 3000mm. The temperature can vary from 23-degree Celsius to 28-degree Celsius. November to April is the ideal season to travel to this beautiful place.




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