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Activities At Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Many people in the world love adventurous, but the maximum time they are confused where to go with family or friends. There are many adventurous places where people enjoy, and one of them is Andaman and Nicobar island. There are lots of exciting and adventurous activities you can enjoy a trip to Andaman and Nicobar island.

Adventurous activities

Andaman Nicobar island adventurous activities are as follows:

Scuba diving:

By listening the name of scuba diving your heart fill with full of excitement. It is one of the best and adventures water sport ever. Tourist can explore and watch the beautiful underwater scenery and different water flora and fauna. In scuba diving, a tourist needs to take basic training for best exploration. They give tourist to wear some water accessories like an oxygen mask, scuba jacket, swim fins, etc. and strictly follow the instructions provided by them. Those tourists who are having health-related problems like heart disease, asthma they need to avoid underwater sports. If a woman is pregnant and she wants to enjoy scuba-diving. Firstly she needs to take permission from her doctor before participating in any such type of water sport. They will also click your pictures and make a video while doing scuba diving after that they will handover the photos and videos to tourist   The cost of scuba diving lies between 2000₹ - 4000₹ per person.

Banana boat riding:

As the name suggest banana boat, the boat is in shape of a banana. The banana boat ride is another thriller water sport, and three to six person can enjoy the journey of a ship at same time. The banana boat is a small rubber tube boat, and it's tie-up with the speedboat. That speedboat pulls banana shape boat with very high speed. One important thing you must have to follow every rider has to hold the banana boat tightly, so they don't fall in the water. While doing banana ride, you have to follow safety rules and wear life Jacket too. Parents don't need to stress out for their children because they give them protective jacket also and a minimum age of children is 10 or more to enjoy the banana ride. The riding cost per person is 600₹  -1000₹.

Adventures trekking:

Trekking is same as hiking. Both trekking and hiking start in the daytime and in the evening people have to reach the same place from where the beginning. But trekking is done in forest and hiking is done on hills.  In Andaman, tour trekking starts from Mt Harriet to Madhuban. Trekking is a type of soft adventurous sports, and those tourists who love long walks can enjoy it thoroughly. It's an excellent activity for those who love to spend the quality and quantity time with their family and kids. While enjoying trekking tourist have to take some essential equipment with themselves like camera, battery, first - aid kit, water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, knife, etc. Tourist explores the different and great varieties of plants and animals. The trekking activity is free of cost, but if you book a guided tour of trekking, then you have to pay charges.


Snorkeling is another exciting, adventurous water activity. Those people who love adventurous activities they need to try this water sports. Somehow snorkeling is same as scuba diving, but in scuba, a diving person goes very deep inside water and explore deep water creature, and in snorkeling, people go inside pool, but they don't go intense in water and explore everything. People who enjoy snorkeling they strictly need to follow guidelines and wear essential water safety accessories for protection. Tourist can enjoy snorkeling in Andaman and Nicobar at two places one is North Bay island and second is elephant beach. Local people of Andaman suggest doing snorkeling in elephant beach because the water beach is more evident than North Bay island. The cost of snorkeling is lies between 500₹ - 1000₹ per person.

Jet skiing:

Jet skiing is fascinating and thrilling water sports activity. It is the best water sport for a couple because they spend some time alone, so their bonds become strong too. Anyways jet skiing run with the help of electrical power motor and its speed lies in between 100 - 135 horsepower. A jet ski is operated at very high speed, those tourists who want to enjoy jet skiing for the first time it's advisable for them to go with an instructor. Because in starting it's difficult for the tourist to handle jet ski but once they become expert they have an enjoyable experience. Tourist must have to follow all guidelines for their safety. They can enjoy this activity at Havelock island, and only 18 above people can enjoy this adventurous water sport. The cost of jet skiing lies in between 700₹ -1500₹ per person.


Parasailing is another incredible, thrilling water sport ever. Those tourists don't know how to swim or some of them having water phobia can enjoy parasailing. You can say parasailing a water sport, but more it looks like air carried or flying game. In this sports, a person is attached to speedboat or jet ski, and at the same time he or she is tied up with different design parachute in the air, and that parachute is known as a parasail. In parasailing, a person has no control over parachute and parachute must be 90hp away from the boat.  Safety guidelines must have to follow by like wearing helmet, jacket, don't enjoy it on more windy days. The cost per person lies between 1000₹ - 3000₹ in parasailing and you can enjoy this parasailing at Havelock island in Andaman.


Kayaking is terrific water sport, and tourist enjoys it in Andaman tour. Those people who live a boring life they must have to enjoy it to fill their life with some excitement. Once you experience kayaking, then you inevitably fall in love with kayaking and want to do it every time. You can enjoy this water sport in Havelock island in Andaman, and for enjoying it, you must have to take some basic training like how to use a kayak, how to use the paddle, what are safety measure you have to consider while enjoy kayaking. People have to wear life jacket and helmet for their safety too. This ride is completed in 2 - 2.5 hours and you can explore the mangroves forest also. The price per person of kayaking in between 3000₹ - 3500₹.

Underwater sea walk:

Underwater sea walk is one of the most unbelievable adventurous water sport. If a person wants to walk undersea like he walks on land than he or she can also explore the area of sea and their creature too, you can enjoy this fascinating experience at Havelock island, and when you walk in the sea, you feel like you step on the moon. Basic training and an expert guide will help you walk under see easily. The cost per person of undersea walk water sport is 4000₹ - 4800₹.

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