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Those tourists who are visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands for the first time, they need to plan their trip carefully. So they can explore all beautiful and famous areas of Andaman and Nicobar. Here are some guidelines or simple steps which tourist can follow and make their trip enjoyable.

How tourist plan enjoyable Andaman Tour?

  • Package tour: In-package tour, an agency or third party provide the different type of tour packages. It is a tourism service in which they offer different functions in one package. The package includes transportation, hotels, accommodation.  Tourist has to pay the charges to tourism company, and they book your all tickets and hotel rooms according to which package you choose.
  • Self-planned trip: In the self-planned journey, a tourist has to plan the whole trip by self. In today's Era, every original information is available on the internet. Collect data from different websites and plan a fantastic trip on your own.

Now it's your choice you want to choose a package to Andaman, or you plan your trip more enjoyable.


Secondly, people have to check that what's your budget. How much money a tourist spend on Andaman tour package and their vacation. If tourist chooses cheap activities, then they get so - so experience ( not good ).

Book tickets

If you are the adventurous kind of tourist, then you can reach Andaman through different modes of transportation. If you want to reach quickly then book a flight ticket or if you're going to reach Andaman in 3 to 4 days and book the ticket of the ship from Chennai or Kolkata. If tourist generally belongs to Chennai or Kolkata, then he directly reaches Andaman by ship. If he belongs to other cities and firstly they need to reach Chennai or Calcutta by flight or by train. After that, he enjoys the service of the ship from Chennai Or Kolkata to reach Andaman.

How many days new tourist spend in Andaman and Nicobar?

If you are a new tourist, who visits Andaman and Nicobar Island for the first time. Then you must spend minimum seven days to explore it fully. Seven days is an excellent vacation trip to enjoy with their family or spouse.

Best trip enjoys in 7 days

For first timer tourist, and it's tough for him to visit whole Andaman in just seven days. Here tourist will know about some famous and beautiful destinations that attract every tourist and can enjoy many adventurous activities in those places.

Port Blair: 2 days

Port Blair is the Capital of Andaman. There are many islands and places in Port Blair which a 

  • Rose Island ( Wednesday close )
  • Baratang Island ( Monday close ) 
  • Cellular jail ( Monday or public holiday close ) 
  • Jolly Buoy Island ( Monday closed )
  • Chidiya Tapu
  • North Bay Island. 

Havelock Island: 2 days

Havelock is paradise place in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In Havelock Island, you can enjoy many activities like snoring Scuba Diving, Banana Boat Ride, kayaking, sea walking. In Havelock Island, there are two famous beaches

  • Elephant beach also called snorkel beach which is one of the best beaches to do snorkeling activity
  • Radhanagar beach which is Asia’s 6th largest beach, so explore them fully and enjoy.

Diglipur: 2 day

Diglipur is the pollution free town in Andaman, and in diglipur, the tourist sees the beautiful view of nature. In diglipur tourist can explore rose and Smith Island, Ramnagar beach which is Asia as the best beach. In diglipur, people see the different species of turtle that is Olive Ridley Turtle. Here tourist can enjoy Coral Safari, glass Boat Ride, sea walking, kayaking.

Neil island: 1 day

Neil Island is the gorgeous natural island of Andaman and Nicobar island.  In Andaman tour package tourist can visit many places such as 

  • Bharatpur beach 
  • Sitapur beach 
  • Natural Bridge. 

Tourist can also enjoy the adventurous sport like trekking.

The Climate of Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Island is thought to possess a tropical climate. Throughout the year, the temperature remains neither too hot nor too cold creating it convenient for the tourists to go to throughout any time of the year. The summer season stays from the month of January to April and also the Monsoons remain from the month of may to Dec. No winter season has been recorded within the Islands until date. the ocean breeze keeps the place heat for the tourists. As there's no extreme climate current within the Islands, it's safe to travel this dry land. Overall, 5 major weather patterns are recorded within the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. throughout the monsoon, rain of 3000mm reaches the islands annually. The minimum temperature recorded is twenty-three degrees Centigrade and also the most are twenty eight-degree Centigrade. 2 major winds particularly southwest monsoon winds and Northeast monsoon winds blow towards the Islands. The seasonal amount for travel the Isles is taken into account to be from the month of November to April. throughout the period of March to may, humidness is high because of that it's considered as an off-season travel.

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