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Amazing and popular destination: Andaman and Nicobar island

Most people think that after death they see heaven. However, this is complete nonsense, who even know what happened after death. On the earth, there are many beautiful places like heaven. If a person wants to explore the one such area, i.e., Andaman and Nicobar island. In Andaman and Nicobar tourism there are many popular destinations which tourist can explore and feel more relaxed and calm.

Popular destination

Let's explore the favorite targets of Andaman and Nicobar tourism.

Port Blair:

Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and located in south side of Andaman on the eastern coast. Generally, people call that area as “south Andaman island.” South Andaman Island is most famous for a honeymoon. Tourist is mostly newly married couple. The maximum population of Andaman island lives in the south area of Andaman. Cellular Jail, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, Mount Harriet National Park, Chidiya Tapu, Forest Museum. For South Andaman Island tourism, September to November is the best time. Near Port Blair, there are many unbelievable heavens like islands and beaches such as viper island, wandoor beach, Jolly buoy island, North bay Andaman island, Ross Island,  Carbyn's Cove Beach, Chidiyatapu, red skin island. Port Blair is also well known for scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walk and other thriller water sports. Cellular jail - national memorial is the historical sight in Andaman and Nicobar island. Kala Pani is the different name of cellular, and it is the symbol of India struggle for freedom. At the time of Britishers, they keep in fighter in cellular jail so that they cannot efficiently run away and came back to India. Our freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh stayed and died in the Cellular jail. It is a big building with any number of cells and walls of prison is strong then enough. Tourist can visit the cellular jail in between 9 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 5 pm. In Port Blair, there are many famous markets like Sagarika market, green Sea Shell craft, shopping Singapuri, Aberdeen Bazaar from where tourist buy different and unique handicraft items. Anthropological Museum, Fisheries Museum, Samudrika Marine Museum, Zoological Survey of India Museum, Kalapani Museum in these museum tourists gain essential knowledge regarding tribes in Andaman, fishes, wild animals and much more.

Baratang Island:

Baratang Island is fantastic and adventurous Island in Andaman and Nicobar. In Barren Island, there is an ancient cave name as “limestone cave.” tourist does trekking in between 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Trekking on Baratang involves many areas like mangrove areas, tribal area. While trekking tourist needs to keep some important things with themselves like a water bottle, snacks, small first aid kit. In Baratang Island people see a different volcano, i.e., “mud volcano” many people did not hear about it. The volcano is not made up of mud, but it is made from liquid and gases which produces by breaking the earth layer. Freezing point is the temperature of the mud volcano. Some volcanoes are active in Baratang.

Neil Island:

Neil island is the heaven like a place on Andaman Island. On Neil Island, two beaches are very famous one is laxmanpur beach and second is Bharatpur beach. Lakshmanpur beach is mainly known for its white sand onshore, and trees are in line. The tourist enjoys the beautiful and relaxing view of the sunset. People can do shell hunting and those who love photography this is an excellent place for them. Whereas in Bharatpur beach people can do swimming peacefully and also enjoy adventurous water sports such a scuba diving, snorkeling and much more. For Andaman tourism, the time between November to April is best.


Diglipur is located in northern area of Andaman. It is small and eco-friendly town. The language spoken by familiar people of diglipur are Hindi, Malayalam, English, Tamil, Telugu. Coconut, rice, areca nuts, vegetables, pulses are the principal crops grown by Andaman farmers, and it is the only source of their livelihood. Diglipur city is surrounded by many beaches like Ross and Smith beach, Ramnagar Beach, pathi level beach, kalipur beach. On these beach tourist enjoys various adventure water sports like Scuba Diving, sea walks, snorkeling also enjoys tracking in Digilpur near the forest to explore the different wildlife. While visiting kalipur beach if a tourist is lucky when they see the nesting process of sea turtle, the best time to visit the island in between May to October. Tourist also found the mud volcano in Diglipur city.

Havelock island:

Havelock Island is located in the Southern area of Andaman. Havelock Island is named after Sir Henry Havelock Island, and it is a most populated area of Andaman. On Havelock Island, there are two famous main beaches; one is Radhanagar Beach, and other is elephant beach. Radhanagar beach is the best Asian beach and lies in West Coast of Havelock. It is the perfect ideal beach for adventurous underwater activities like deep diving, snorkeling, kayaking.  Elephant beach is best for beginners because the water is shallow than other beaches and the water is too calm. A tourist enjoys Banana Boat Ride, Jet Skiing, snorkeling, parasailing and much more mild water sports on this beach. On another beach there are black mountains in a line and those mountains is name as “KalaPahad.” Tourist can also enjoy tracking from Chidiya Tapu to KalaPahad on Havelock.

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