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Romantic Places At andaman

Romantic and peaceful island for couples

After marriage, a newly married couple go on tour for knowing each other and spend some quality time. They search for a passionate and peaceful place on the internet and get a list of numerous romantic and quiet areas. One of them is Andaman and Nicobar island. Andaman and Nicobar are like heaven, and this type of sites attracts more to newly couples. In Andaman tourism, there are many types of adventurous rides for enjoyment and explore new things under water. There are many websites and online company who provide you Andaman honeymoon package at the excellent and affordable price. There are many islands to visit in, but today you know about some peaceful and romantic island.

Romantic islands at Andaman and Nicobar

For every couple, these are some famous romantic islands where they want to go. Let's explore one by one.

Havelock island: Havelock island is the charming and fantastic place for the newly married couple. In Havelock island, the freshly married couple enjoys many different adventurous and thrilling water activity like scuba diving, snorkelling, etc. In snorkelling and scuba diving tourist will enjoy and deeply explore the inner beauty of the sea. A newly married couple can also enjoy the trekking in Havelock island. If you do trekking with your partner, then your relationship will become more strong because you both spend quality time alone. While doing trekking, you can explore the beauty of the forest and good for your health too. A couple can enjoy the best sunset near Havelock island. In Havelock island, tourist can explore the beauty of water at night. When there is no moon in the sky than you can see the stunning effect in water and that effect is called as “bioluminescence.” When tourist knows this effect that they feel like they are in heaven. You can also enjoy adventurous water ride with your partner like jet-skiing, Banana boat ride, etc. At night you can stay in huts near beaches. The rent per night of the shed depends on the season. If it's that time when more tourist visit in Andaman than the charges will be high and on another time price will be low than that. Tourist can reach Havelock island through Ferry (the type of passengers ship fully air-conditioned ) and the ferry departs from Port Blair. As you already know port Blair is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar island and all airplane land in port Blair after that you need to take the ferry and reach Havelock island.

Jolly buoy island: Jolly buoy island is a fascinating island of Andaman and Nicobar tourism, and an island is mainly famous for is pure and crystal clear water. It is one of the best romantic and peaceful island in Andaman and Nicobar tourism. In jolly buoy island trunk of dry trees are bend in unnatural form or you can say twist and curve in such a way that they are spread widely on the white sand shoreline. This island is also famous by its other name too, and the title is “no - plastic zone.” If the tourist wants to go on Jolly buoy island than he or she must have to submit all plastic items at Wandoor beach and they charge 100₹ security per item and can enjoy adventurous water sports like snorkeling, banana boat ride, etc. If the tourist wants to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this island than you have to arrive before 9 am here, firstly you have to reach Wandoor beach, then travel for 1-hour boat to reach the jolly buoy island.

Viper Island: Viper island is another beautiful island of Andaman and Nicobar, and it's also well known for painful history. The famous Old Jail that is used by Britishers to prison the Indians is very near to Viper Island. The Old Jail is named as “cellular jail.” Most people visit Viper Island to know about the history of India and Britain. In between November to February this is the best time to visit on Viper Island because the weather is cold and no humidity in the environment. When tourist land on Port Blair ( capital of Andaman and Nicobar Island ) then they have to take ferries to reach Viper Island.

Parrot island: As you read the name of Parrot Island your thought revolves around the different type of bird especially parrots. Parrot Island is the very enthusiastic place for bird lovers those tourist who love to explore a different kind of parrots and nature then parrot Island is the best place for them. In this Island, you see the mixed breed of parakeet, not the regular kind parrot. During sunsets, long tail parakeet leaves the island, and they all together make beautiful sounds. Tourist has to take a boat ride ( ferry ) Baratang Jetty to reach the parrot island. Tourist can visit this Island at the time of sunset or the time of sunrise if they want to watch the maximum number of parrots.

So friends if you are planning for Andaman and Nicobar tourism than visiting these island. They are the different and fantastic island of Andaman. Plan your beautiful Andaman honeymoon soon. Through the Andaman honeymoon package, the experts will guide you through the all the above romantic islands and there are a lot of surprises waiting for as well


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